Genesis House, Inc is a CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency) provider that is equipped with professional staff to serve the by taking into all account one’s physical, mental and social conditions in the treatment of illness. Our staff includes but not limited to a psychiatrist, clinical director and a quality management/training director.

The Genesis House Commitment to you is that each person entrusted in our care will receive individualized treatment and care based on solid principles of the Genesis House Service Continuum!

The Genesis House Service Continuum!

The service delivery system must provide a comprehensivecontinuum of individualized formal and informal services andsupports that address the physical, emotional, social and educational needs of children and youth.  These services include prevention, early identification,assessment and intervention, diversion and alternate care programs, as well as individualized mental health treatment services.Such services include outpatient treatment, intensive home-basedservices, wraparound process, family support therapy, day treatment, medication management, targeted case management, and developmental therapy.

Services are mosteffective when planned and integrated at the local level withother child and family serving systems, such as schools, childwelfare agencies and community organizations.  A fully developed service continuumis vital to ensuring that children and youth, as well as their family’s needs are addressed, and that the likelihood of positiveoutcomes is enhanced.

Who does Genesis House Serve?

Mental Health Services

Intensive In-Home Community Support Team Medication Management Diagnostic Assessment Individual and Family Therapy Day Treatment Targeted Case Management—MH/SA

Developmental Disability Services

Targeted Case Management—DD Developmental Therapy